President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi is against the direct election of the country’s president.

According to him, things should just remain as they are with the leader of any political party that garners more Members of Parliament during general elections automatically becoming president.

Masisi shared his position on the matter during the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Women’s Wing elections in Kanye this past weekend.

Direct election of the president is among topical discussions in the ongoing Presidential Commission into the Review of the Botswana Constitution.

BDP has been in power since 1966 and Masisi is the fifth president since independence.

“Some people have boldly said they do not want direct election of the president, it is not like we are scared of it, just that election of the president will bring chaos in the country.

“If a president is elected and majority of Members of Parliament differ with him, business will be brought to a standstill, laws and even the budget will not be passed,” Masisi said.

President Masisi went on to explain that Botswana should not be ruled by one person, there has to be constructive dialogue and engagements.

“It will be an abomination if they win the elections but if they do win, I personally will not agree to having such a set-up because all we will do is argue endlessly in Parliament.

“We will be messing up the country so let it remain clear that a leader whose party wins is given power for five years,” he said.

The president went on to preach unity among party members saying even if a member is not happy, they should voice out their concerns in a calm and non dramatic manner.

He said that Batswana voted for the BDP because they love the party, their presentation, behaviour and messages the party spreads.

Masisi said opposition was actually making things easy for BDP with all their fighting that has made the public lose confidence in them. It is now up to the BDP to be united than ever before, fix each other’s crowns and not air their dirty laundry in public.