Funds all BPF court cases against Butale

Newly-elected Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) President, Mephato Reatile says party patron and former President Ian Khama should be applauded for his unwavering support for the party in the ongoing legal battle.

He said Khama has been the one footing the bill for the legal battle against embattled former BPF President Biggie Butale. Butale, who has been expelled from the BPF is in legal tussle with the Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

Currently there are about seven court cases between Butale and the NEC.

Reatile, who was elected BPF President over the weekend in Gaborone told the congress that the party did not have enough money to finance the cases and Khama came to the rescue. He stated that this clearly shows that Khama has the interest of the party at heart.

“We have to be thankful to patron who has assisted the party. He has shared his pension with us, financing court cases lodged against the party by Butale.

“The BPF has not taken anyone to court. It has been taken to court by a man who claims to love it. I wish we could all emulate our patron and assist the party with funds”, Reatile appealed.

He said the party had rot at the head but managed to remain intact because of its structures.

According to Reatile, the party’s strong and functioning structures ensured that Butale does not divide the party. He applauded the party youth league for following the party constitution and saving the party from falling apart.

“The youth league has saved this party. We had a president who was a dictator. He wanted to run the party through court orders.

“But that is not surprising because he is the same person who endorsed the joining of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) but today he is singing a different song and wants the BPF to ditch the UDC”, Reatile, who is also Member of Parliament for Jwaneng-Mabutsane said.

Reatile who was endorsed by Khama for the presidency won with 829 votes against Prince Bosilong who got 33 votes. Reatile challenged the party members to rebuild structures which were left behind. He said this will assist the party as it prepares for next year’s general elections.

He indicated that the BPF will be working with other opposition parties to unseat the BDP. He said this can only be achieved if the BPF presents a formidable force.