The loser in the Botswana National Front (BNF) Women's League (WL) presidential elections, Motshwariemang Kesiilwe says what is happening at the BNF is not different from what they always preach against.

Aggrieved and disappointed, Kesiilwe, who lost the presidential seat to Dr Bonang Nkoane a fortnight ago, said she complained during the elections that the right processes were not being followed.

“We cannot be talking about how the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) steals votes and cheats during elections only for the same to happen with us,” she pointed out. No one listened, she even wrote to the elections board complaining but no one has said anything to this day. One of her complaints was that the elections were fraudulent.

On polling day some voters did not produce their Omang cards but were allowed to vote. There was no voters' roll for verification prior to commencement of voting. She said the elections were not free and fair, and that she had even asked the elections board on the day to halt them and order a re-run.

“Nothing has been said to me but honestly to me, there were no elections that day,” she said. Elections Board Chairperson Moses Bantsi has acknowledged receiving Kesiilwe’s letter which he passed onto the BNF central committee. “We had no powers of cancelling the elections when they were already halfway through, when results were announced, no one said anything indicating that they are rejecting the results,” he said.

BNF Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa said he is not aware that Kesiilwe is not happy. “I am not aware about that. If she has complaints, she should let us know. Also, I will not discuss it with you because it is an internal matter,” Mohwasa said this past Tuesday.