-Wants to enhance BDP administration - Will strengthen links with govt for policies' implementation

Former Member of Parliament for Selibe-Phikwe West and cabinet member Kavis Kario is the latest to reveal his intentions to contest for the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Secretary General position.

The BDP is expected to hold its elective congress sometimes in August following its National Council to be held this month. More names are coming out for the secretary-general position. The incumbent, Mpho Balopi has revealed that he will not be defending the seat.

Kario, a former Additional Member of the BDP Central Committee and National Strategy Sub-Committee is currently a member of PEEC Sub-Committee.

Kario confirmed in an interview this week that he will be running for the position of secretary general. He said his aim is to work with the president and party chairperson in strengthening the party as a collective.

His key priority areas are among others to strengthen the administration of the party. The other area will be membership which has to be robust, effective and transparent.

"The link between the BDP and government also needs to be strengthened because all these are like a wheel, they work together,” Kario stated.

The aspiring head of the secretariat said in addition, there will have to be education and not only political education. He said if people understand how the party functions, its constitution, various structures, and its other organs and how they operate, it will enrich the democrats.

“This will avoid a situation where democrats are easily manipulated by people. You can have people being easily manipulated just because I have money and people will believe in what I say or do while in actual fact I am also clueless about the culture of the BDP.

“Now if we equip our people, we will be creating a generational wealth of information when it comes to BDP matters. The other key area that will be of focus is the link between the BDP and the government.

“Those in government, councillors, MPs, ministers, and the president are all technically deployees of the BDP. So, they account to the BDP in ensuring that our Manifesto is implemented.

“We have to be key players in influencing policies by pushing for promises we make in our Manifesto. This will also help the current president Mokgweetsi Masisi to achieve the Reset Agenda if we work as a collective as deployees of the BDP,” Kario said.

So far he has not associated himself with any lobby list as he believes there have not been any so far. "My focus is not on the lobby list but on the deliverables," he added.

On his agenda of leadership development, the Lucara Diamonds Mining Manager for Karowe Diamond Mine is of the view that without a clear-cut leadership development there is always room for rendering an organisation moribund.

He said development should be done through training and seminars across all structures of the party. This according to Kario, will ensure oiling of the BDP machinery generation after another.

“This is one area where the PEEC will play a critical role. There will be briefing, debriefing, and coaching. The BDP has between 2008 and 2014 lost a good calibre of politicians as ministers either through primaries or general elections.

“There was a layer that has been removed, and through leadership development, you can maintain that. I am not insinuating anything about anyone but I am saying through development you are going to make the BDP a force to reckon with.

“We will be breeding a layer of leadership for generations to come. We should go into the 2024 general election as the known BDP powerhouse of strong well-functioning structures,” Kario explained.