Founder of Diary of a Cancer Survivor Organisation, Nadine Motshegwe, battled cancer when she was only 16 years old and had to undergo Chemotherapy.

No sooner had she been cleared of the cancer than it recurred three months later. She was diagnosed with Bone Cancer, and it is her painful experience that made her come out and save children who find themselves in a similar situation.

Now Diary of a Cancer Survivor identifies children with cancer and provides medical care through one Dr Oanchu Subramanian, an Orthopaedic at Sidilega Private Hospital, and other three hospitals in South Africa, Motshegwe says.

She held a forum under the theme 'Hope is my superpower,' to encourage parents and guardians of children with cancer not to lose hope in caring for their children.

"I want people to start talking about childhood cancer and take it seriously, because it is possible to survive cancer," she says.

Hope is the only option left when one finds oneself in a dire situation of fighting a disease like cancer. She was born a healthy child but ended up having her leg operated twice, leading her to use crutches.

She highlights that children go through pain when battling cancer, which is why she was compelled to support them through her organisation.

"Childhood cancer is rarely talked about as compared to other cancers including: breast cancer, cervical cancer or prostate cancer," she says.

At the inaugural event she shared her story with parents of children with cancer.

"I know how scary it is to be diagnosed with cancer, so I want people in general to know that, they can beat it," she says, further noting that normally, symptoms of cancer in children include: weight loss, constant vomiting, pain in a certain part of the body or a lump, as well as high fever.

Doctor Aobakwe Onthusitse Motlhakola, a herbalist, acknowledged the need for counselling. He encouraged people to always be honest about their medical conditions saying that fighting cancer is taxing mentally.

As an alternative medical practitioner, she explained that certain herbs and food could be helpful to a cancer patient who is going through chemotherapy.