- His position with BLLAHWU is not known

Botswana Land boards Local Authorities and Health Workers Union (BLLAHWU) members say they are not sure if Ketlhalefile Motshegwa is still Secretary General of the union or not.

This is because BLLAHWU President Thatayaone Kesebonye told them in June 2022 that Motshegwa had notified him of his intentions to leave BLLAHWU by end of July 2022.

Strangely, as of this week, early August, no communication had been made regarding Motshegwa’s departure.

“We are just in the dark about what is happening. No one is saying anything and we strongly suspect that Motshegwa is still a member of the BLLAHWU executive committee,” a member close to the developments told this publication.

The source said that what they know is that Motshegwa always tells them of leaving. The source said that Motshegwa told them so at the Annual General Meeting in Palapye in 2018, and later said his goodbyes again in Kang in 2019 but never left.

In a letter that this publication has seen, Kesebonye told regional secretaries and branch secretaries that they will deliberate on the matter, as well as have further engagement with the Secretary-General. He promised that another update will be given in due course.

When speaking to this publication at the time, Kesebonye said that Motshegwa had written a letter to officially announce that he was leaving.

Motshegwa on the other hand did not want to confirm or deny what Kesebonye said. “I have been here at the cattle post for some days, Kesebonye is best placed to answer on the resignation issue you are asking about,” Motshegwa had said.

This week, both Motshegwa and Kesebonye’s phones rang unanswered.

However, the president of Botswana Federation of Public, Private and Parastatal Sector Unions (BOFEPUSU) said Motshegwa was still deputy Secretary General of the federation.

This is despite allegations that Motshegwa had back in June also notified BOFEPUSU that he will soon be leaving.

“Motshegwa is here because he is a member of the union. There is no how he can be removed if he is still with the Union. I was with him today and he did not mention going anywhere, perhaps you should get answers from the man himself,” BOFEPUSU president Johannes Tshukudu, said.