Zion Christian Church (ZCC) St. Engenas church in Botswana is not going to respond to accusations they see flying around regarding their leader Bishop Doctor Joseph Engenas Lekganyane.

Phillip Sebifo, Secretary of the St. Engenas church in Molepolole says they have noticed how some Batswana have consistently been attacking their leader on social media, calling him names and accusing him of not caring about the 45 Batswana that perished in a horrific road mishap that occurred in South Africa during the Easter holidays this year.

The 45 pilgrims died while travelling to Moria and according to some Batswana, they expected to see Lekganyane’s face amid the tragedy that befell the country. He has heavily been criticized for not showing face or even issuing a public statement offering his condolences to grieving families and the nation at large.

“Our church has a way of doing things, we will not respond to what we see on social media because those people do not understand how we do our things. They are speaking from an uninformed position. Our leader was unable to show face but sent pastors to do all that is necessary on behalf of the church. A delegation he sent shows that he cares, everything that the pastors did or said were instructions from him,” said Sebifo on Tuesday.

He added that when a person is not able to attend something in person it does not mean they do not care, saying that even President Mokgweetsi Masisi sent his assistant in Vice president Slumber Tsogwane to hold the fort for him while he attended other government business outside the country. "The fact that President Masisi did not attend the funeral does not mean that he was not mourning with the nation," he said.

For his part, the Chairperson of Molepolole Ministers’ Fraternal Diane Mogome said what Lekganyane did was a total disgrace, he has dragged the church name through mud.

“What he did is totally unacceptable. The pain that the nation is experiencing needed him to be physical present, especially on burial day. That job was too big for him to just send delegates to speak on his behalf, we are not happy at all,” said Mogome.

An unhappy Mogome went on to say the way Lekganyane handled the matter suggests that the the church is more of a company to him, where money is just being cashed and nothing more.

Mogome said they will soon meet with members of St Engenas and discuss everything, they will surely not hide their disappointment with the church leader.