Six Zimbabwean men were arrested at Martins’ Drift border-post after being found in possession of Marijuana weighing around 14kg and valued at over P65 000.

Martin’s Drift station commander, Moses Morolong confirmed to this publication on Tuesday that they arrested two foreign men on Saturday while the other four were arrested on Monday.

“On Saturday, the men were driving cars with trailers attached behind. They were carrying huge loads of household items such as planks, buckets, sofas and even beds.

“When we searched the trailers, we found 4kg of Marijuana in each car. On Monday, four more other men of ages 32 to 48 tried to cross the border, all driving in separate cars but after throough searching, a total of 10kg of Marijuana was found by the police,” Morolong said.

He went on to explain that they are holding all the six Zimbabwean men in custody and chances are that they will be taken to court sometime this week.

Morolong explained that since the beginning of the year, eight have been convicted after being found in possession of Marijuana.

“They usually have these big trailers claiming that they bought household items in South Africa and that the goods will be transported to Zimbabwe.

“However, whenever we search, we always find Marijuana stuffed inside some of the items they have in the trailers.

“Sometimes they put the drugs inside paint buckets or food containers, they then pour flour on top of the drugs so that the police can think it is only flour while in actually fact, they are trying to smuggle drugs into the country”.

Launching the 60 days of action against crime in Kanye this past week, Christopher Mbulawa of the Police Drug Enforcement Agency said Marijuana topped the list as the most common drug in the country.

He advised the public to be vigilant and assist the police in ensuring that Botswana is not infested by drugs because once inside the country, drugs have far more devastating effects on members of the public., especially on the youth who seem to think that taking drugs is some kind of a cool thing to do.