Now that Dawn Masenya has decided to make peace with her aunt and cousins whom she fought in court for a decade for her grandparents’ millions-worth estate, she will be shifting focus to the current Minister of Labour and Home Affairs Annah Mokgethi, she says.

There is no how the minister will go on peacefully with her life without Dawn making her ‘pay for all the pain’ she feels the Minister caused her and her family for a decade.

Mokgethi, about whom Dawn has made it loudly clear that she is not happy, was at one point cited as a defendant in a case in which Dawn was fighting with her family.

Mokgethi came into the ugly matter as lawyer and executor of the estate of Dawn's deceased grandparents.

Dawn is convinced that Mokgethi has a lot of explaining to do. She says if it was not for Mokgethi, chances are that she (Dawn) would have not spent 10 years fighting her family for her grandparents’ wealth.

“My family has suffered tangible financial loss due to the deliberate, disgusting acts of a sitting member of government.

“She should lose her job and face disciplinary action like what would happen in a normal country. She should lose her license as an attorney. I mean the fact that this has to be stated shows just how corrupt and anyone aligned with her is,” Dawn lashed out.

An aggrieved Dawn did not hold back but expressed disappointment in how they have tried to get authorities to react to their case which implicated a Minister but all have been silent.

“Not a single entity has the decency to hold her accountable, not the Police, not the Law Society, not her political party Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), no one in government has anything to say about what this woman has done to us and God knows how many others.

“But unfortunately for her, this will not be going away, my family is committed to exposing everything she has stolen to get to the bottom of who is aiding her from skirting responsibility,” Dawn said.

Although the courts of law have not found Mokgethi guilty, Dawn believes there should have at least been inquiries or an investigation, instead of the family having to launch an expensive and time consuming endeavour that the law should be dealing with.

She alleges that Mokgethi stole millions from them and lied to her cousins and aunt about what she was doing. That is why all along, she opines, that she has not been in good terms with her cousins and aunt. She believes they were deliberately separated.

“There is a lot to unpack, we first have to see what we discover before forging ahead,” she said.

This week, The Midweek Sun tried reaching out to Mokgethi for her part on the matter, however, her phone rang unanswered and she did not respond to messages left for her.

According to what was shared earlier in court, Dawn, her cousins and aunt decided to settle out of court. Her grandmother died in 2008 and grandfather in 2012.

Mokgethi was lawyer to the grandparents and she allegedly prepared for them a joint Will in 2003, which they both signed. According to the Will, the entire family was to get equal share from the estate.

But there was a Will signed in 2010 by the grandfather alone which mentioned only Dawn’s cousins and aunt as beneficiaries.

This is what led to Dawn seeking court intervention.

Both Wills, were said to have been prepared by Mokgethi and this makes Dawn believe that somewhere along the way, fraud was committed. This is the explanation-seeking route she wants to undertake where the Minister will explain what really happened regarding the two Wills. While the Masenya's believe the 2003 Will is the authentic one signed by both parents, the Pandor family seems to suggest that the 2010 Will which was signed only by the

Abdull, is the authentic one. When the court battle continued over the 2010 Will that was before the courts, Masenya kept repeating that the Will was questionable, and that she knew there was a Will signed while both parents were alive. It was put to Masenya to prove the existence of the other Will, which would then surface when Dow said it was found at her offices.