A suicidal 59-year-old man of Gabane was interrupted in his mission to end his life on Friday morning after concerned family members called the police on him.

The man was found by the police at Gabane Hill, where it is alleged he was intending to hang himself. Allegations say that the man told his family and friends that life was hard, he was broke and unable to keep up.

“We are not sure what is wrong with him, he is probably depressed, we hear he is emotionally disturbed,” the source said.

Another man who claimed to be friends with the suicidal man said the suicidal man has children and wonders why he would want to kill himself.

“He has not said anything to me, I did not know that he was battling any distress, he has four children old enough to help him through any life challenges, some of his children are even married,” the shocked friend said this week.

When speaking to The Midweek Sun this week Mogoditshane police station commander Boemo Bok said they were informed that some man was suspected to be suicidal and is believed to have gone to Gabane Hill with intentions of hanging himself.

“We called the Air Support Branch for assistance and the man was found sitting under a tree. We are not sure what was on his mind at the time but we managed to find him and he is undergoing counselling,” Bok said.

He added that at the moment, they are yet to establish what could have led to the man wanting to end his life.

“We are not sure all we have are allegations before us. We are appealing to members of the public to always find better ways of dealing with such matters.

“Death is never the answer because it brings pain trauma to loved ones,” Bok said.