Socialite, Larona Bagaladi is optimistic that a bright future lies ahead. This comes after Mabaila Foundation offered her sponsorship to complete her studies in Early Childhood Development.

Lala, as she is affectionately known on social media, told The Midweek Sun that her dream to further her studies was almost shattered when she fell pregnant and failed a module, but thanks to the Mabaila Foundation she will now manage to graduate this year.

The 22-year-old has endured emotional abuse on social media following a public break-up with ex-boyfriend Kaele Keikelame aka BJB and father of her baby.

Things even got worse when she 'fell' into the arms of another man, another socialite, Bokamoso Nthompe aka Penene shortly after the breakup. Many of her social media followers believed that she had abandoned the tradition of confinement (botsetsi) to jump into a new relationship.

"We are only given two weeks maternity leave at school. I had to give birth and come back to school to complete my final year of study. I also had practicals and a research pending," she says, adding that everything became difficult for her to deal with.

She now looks forward to graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in November. She plans to open a pre-school through the Youth Development Fund.

Mabaila Foundation has sponsored her module worth P3500. Founder of Mabaila Foundation, Tshaphang Mabaila says it is his dream to bring hope and light to especially young people who find themselves in difficult situations.

"I was born without a silver spoon in my mouth and I know how difficult life is. I started this when I saw many young people really suffering yet they want to be the best and try but hunger and depression taking toll in their lives," he told The Midweek Sun.

Mabaila Foundation was established in 2012 and its main focus was on the elderly but due to changing trends, they focused on addictions, drugs and substance abuse.

"These have taken a toll on young people’s lives, especially due to peer pressure, unemployment and other life issues," he said, noting that this however does not mean that they cannot assist anyone because their aim is to bring hope to members of the community.

His organisation is also concerned about young people who end up leaving school and resort to life in the streets. The 33-year-old Mabaila says he observed on social media as Lala was being bullied and wanted to change the status quo.