- Sentenced to 10 years imprisonment

Suspected hit man Oageng Moahi Letsholo recently earned a 10 years sentence for causing grievous bodily harm to his ex-girlfriend Kediemetse Sebobi, contrary to Section 230 of the Penal Code.

Letsholo, who most recently caused a stir after he was arrested in the brutal murder of a Kopong teacher, was arraigned before Village Magistrate for a case in which he hacked his ex-girlfriend with an axe and left her disabled.

Court details indicate that on 26 October 2014 in Mmatsetla village, Kweneng district, Letsholo attacked and hacked Sebobi with an axe, leaving her with wounds to her head and neck, and with a non-functioning hand.

He also struck her head with a brick, leaving her with a permanent scar on her head. Sebobi was 19 weeks pregnant at the time. Sebobi was forced to use a wheelchair while she recuperated.

Presiding Village Magistrate Tshepo Thedi sentenced Letsholo to 10 years imprisonment with 12 months suspended. She said that there were no extenuating circumstances in the case as Letsholo was in the right state of mind at the time of committing the crime.

Thedi said that in this day in age where cases of Gender Based Violence are increasing at an alarming rate, it is unfortunate that Letsholo could cause such grave harm to a woman he purported to love and try to justify his actions.

"In recent times we have seen a worrying increase in cases of abuse of women, some who were left dead, disabled or suffering ingrained trauma due to the violations that they went through. It is the duty of the courts and law to protect women and to also ensure that perpetrators are brought to book," she said.

Thedi said that findings in the matter made one believe that Letsholo had intentionally planned to harm Sebobi. She pointed out that the two had had a disagreement after Letsholo found an incriminating SMS in the lady's phone and confronted her about it.

He did not mention the issue again thereafter and she thought that the issue was water under the bridge. However, a few days later, he called the victim saying he wants to see her only to pounce on and attack her with an axe. "It is clear that Letsholo had been thinking about the issue even though he did not mention it, and had planned to harm the lady," she said.

Thedi noted that Letsholo's brutality and wrath are questionable, noting that conflicts arise among people but it is important to learn healthy conflict resolution without resorting to violence.

"I don't see why Letsholo should have resorted to aggression and violence instead of just resolving the matter with Sebobi without harming her. We should learn that conflicts can escalate to altercations, resulting in irreparable harm to the victim. Even though it is normal to have misunderstandings with someone else, how we resolve them matters."

Letsholo, who has a string of cases from 1994, 1996, 2012 and 2014, also appeared for mention at the Broadhurst Magistrate Court last week in connection with the murder of a 48-year-old Kopong teacher Barulaganye Austen who was killed in full view of her six-year-old child.

He was allegedly hired as a hit man by the husband of the deceased, Outlwile Austen. He has been arrested together with the deceased's husband, a traditional doctor Kebalebe Ntsebe and another co-accused Leufty Kosie.