- The two had only met for few hours

Kabelo Bantathile, 22, of Moletemane village will be arraigned before court today (Wednesday) in Selibe Phikwe for the murder of 25-year-old Keitumetse Oreeletswe.

Bantathile is alleged to have strangled Oreeletswe to death last week Thursday following a night of fun coupled with a few adult beverages.

Sources say that the accused met the deceased for the very first time that day. They were spotted together seemingly cosy and dancing the night away. They eventually went to Bantathile’s house in Botshabelo ward, Selibe Phikwe.

It is not clear what then transpired between the two, that led to the accused killing Oreeletswe and then shoving her body under his bed.

After staying with the dead body in his house for days, Banthatile finally handed himself to the police early Monday morning this week, four days later.

“He says he was scared and claims that he has not slept a wink since the day he killed her. What is worse is that Kabelo did not even know the true names of the woman he killed. He called her Gorata, I guess that is the fake name the girl gave him during their introductions,” the source said.

Officer Commanding No. 10 district, Meshack Pulenyane confirmed that they are investigating a murder case. He said they were informed on Monday that a woman was killed and when they arrived at the crime scene, they found her dead body under the bed.

“The suspect is in police custody and expected to be in court on Wednesday. We have already identified the deceased and contacted her family,” he said.

The police boss said it was not easy to identify the deceased as the names given to them were not her true names. He said that the deceased hails from Tshokwe village, 60km from Phikwe.

Sources say Oreeletswe’s body was found badly decomposed.