Mohumagadi Mma Matshego – the wife of the self-exiled Bakgatla baga Kgafela Sovereign, Kgosikgolo Kgafela II, has come back home to Mochudii with her two children, Tebele and Sedibelo.

The announcement was made this morning (Friday 9th of September 2022) by Motshwarelela Kgosi, Kgosi Bana Sekai during a Kgotla meeting in the capital of Kgatleng District, Mochudi.

Kgosi Sekai explained that the eldest son and heir to the throne, Matshego, could not come because he is at school in South Africa. He said Tebele and Sedibelo were also at school here in Botswana and for that reason could not parade them before Morafe even though he had wished to.

Mohamagadi Mma Matshego was then asked to stand before the Morafe with her mask off so that her people could see her. As she walked outside the tent that was mounted in the foregrounds of the Tribal Administration offices, Bakgatla women from all the major Wards (Dikgoro) – started ululating and making soft murmurs and purrs.

Mohumanagadi was accompanied by boMmangwane – these being, her Rakgadi, Seingwaeng, who is Kgaefela’s eldest sister, Mme Mmaago Thari, the wife of Kgosi Phulane; Mma Disang (Khosi Seka’s wife); Mmaago Neo, wife of Sentho Bogatsu; Mmaago Thami, wife of Kgosi Segale; Mmaago Itumeleng, wife of Kgosi Batho Linchwe, the younger brother of Kgosi Segale.

Sekai warned Bakgatla not to ask Mohumagadi Mma Matshego where her husband is, saying instead they should ask him, because he is the one who told them that ‘Kgabo’ has left the country.

But to anyone wishing to know where Kgafela is, Sekai invited them to join him on the 24th of September 2022 to Kgafela’s meeting in S’fikile, Moruleng to celebrate Bakgatla Heritage Day with Kgabo. Mini buses will be available to ferry Bakgatla there.

Sekai called on all the male regiments to prepare themselves ahead of this big day and invited them to a meeting at Molapong on Sunday at 10 am. These regiments, with the exception of the elderly Mathulwa are Madingwana; Malomakgomo; Mangana; Manoga; Matuku: Madibela Nkwe and Matlotla Kgosi.

He said that Mathulwa can only come on their own volition. As for the female regiments, he said the arrangements would be made by Mohumagadi Mma Matshego, adding that she has called for a meeting with all the female regiments on Saturday 17th September.

Lastly, Sekai announced that Kgafela had begun the task of uniting Merafe ya Bakgatla in South Africa. These are Bakgatla ba Makapane or ba Mosetlha; Bakgatla baga Mma Kau; Bakgatla baga Mocha and Bakgatla baga Maratane.

Sekai further highlighted that Kgosikgolo of Bakgatla ba Makapane had married “our aunt” by the name of Dikeledi, daughter of Tlhabane, who sired Thari Gadinkane. Now that Kgafela is uniting these Merafe, Bakgatla ba Makapane desire to install their Kgosilgolo and have asked Kgafela to do the honours of draping him with the leopard skin.

Sekai said this ceremony will be held next year and that Kgosikgolo Kgafela had asked him to tell Bakgatla this message so that they don’t hear it from the media outlets especially since the negotiations have already begun in full swing.

Present at the meeting was Phalafala Maname, the Spokesperson of the Kgosikgolo Kgafela Foundation; Member of Parliament for Kgatleng East, Mabuse Pule; Council Chairman;District Commissioner; the Officer Commanding and Dikgosana and Councillors.