Bogolo Kenewendo has been appointed United Nations (UN) Climate Champion special advisor, Africa director.

A statement from the climate change body indicates that the former Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry will be at the forefront of devising and implementing the High-Level Climate Champion's plan for the acceleration of ambitious action in the region, and also help to deliver a transformative COP27.

For the first time ever, the deliberations for the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (UNFCCC COP 27) will be held in Africa, at Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

This is anticipated to be the opportune moment for Africa to voice its main challenges because despite having the lowest carbon emissions, it is feeling and suffering the brunt of climate change.

Its negative impacts affect not only weather conditions and atmosphere temperatures but also cause food insecurity, and negatively affect the key industries that generate the most income such as agriculture, health, transport and tourism.

Kenewendo will in her role, also help to facilitate the drive for change and influence on the urgency and need for funding to mitigate the impacts of climate change in Africa and advance the climate action agenda.

The committee appointed Kenewendo on the influence of her focus on Pan-African development, especially in sustainable trade and her passion for accelerating innovation in addressing climate change and its impacts and possible mitigation avenues across Africa.

Nigel Topping, COP26 High Level Champion for the United Kingdom and Mahmoud Mohielda COP27 High Level Champion of Egypt, both lauded Kenewendo as the perfect candidate for the role.

"We have no doubt that Kenewendo will play a pivotal role in helping to champion diversity, inclusivity and meaningful representation of stakeholders from Africa in the design and delivery of activities under the Marrakech Partnership, in accordance with the climate action agenda," they indicated in a statement.

The Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action supports the implementation of the Paris Agreement by enabling collaboration between governments and cities, regions, businesses and investors to act on climate change.

Kenewendo indicated that in her newly appointed role, she would also strive to play an advocacy role for the most vulnerable and most affected communities in Africa.

"Fighting climate change is a global challenge that requires authentic and inclusive regional and local collaboration. Through my role I hope to help elevate the voices of young people and women in particular, who are most affected by and vulnerable to the impacts of climate change in their communities. I also hope to play a key role in the goal to half emissions by half by 2030."