“In 2019 when we assume power, we will call him (Khama) to account for killings of innocent people during his reign,” said Duma Boko leader of the UDC when addressing a political rally at Gaborone bus rank in November 2015.

Boko further charged, “We are going to kidnap him if he refuses to come back home and he must know that it is allowed according to international laws.”

This is not fabrication or ‘fake news’ Comrades, it is a standing fact. Fast-forward to 2019, the Boko and ‘mafearfokol’ are singing a totally different tune. And now we hear, Khama is an official member of the UDC and probably, even member of its executive committee, if not, de facto president.

We have recently been told by Boko that Khama’s party, Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) is a ‘new’ member of the umbrella. The word somersault does not even come a micro-millimetre to describing this gymnastic feat. As we speak, the Boko is busy at work, whitewashing Khama the ‘criminal’ into a ‘saint.’

In fact, it is now a well-established fact, that if one wants to provoke militancy of highest order from the Boko, they should try say anything ‘unflattering’ about Khama. If one is very lucky, they may escape with just a barrage of insults.

That is how ready, the Boko stands to defend his once-sworn ‘enemy’, the very man whose leadership style and policies directly led to the birth of UDC. The very man, Boko told Teldah Mawarire of Mail & Guardian on October 23, 2014 that, “We hold the firm view this was a manufactured accident (Gomolemo Motswaledi’s accident)”.

Being shameless is sad enough, but the saddest thing is that, the UDC does not just want the nation to let its hypocrisy go unpunished they want it rewarded with a vote into office in 2024.

Are we that dumb as a nation? Until now, many of us may not have grasped fully the meaning of the old adage, ‘desperate times call for desperate measures.’

I mean, with all circumstances in consideration, who would have thought that at the present moment, the UDC would be in full sync with Ian Khama? I guess nobody. We indeed, live in the age of miracles, where it is possible for a frog to fall in love with a pig.

As to how we are supposed to align the ‘freedom from bondage’ narrative of the UDC and the ‘perpetuity in bondage’ philosophy of Khama, is something that even God the Almighty cannot fathom.

This political Gordian knot can only be untied by the adage, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ That is, Boko and Khama think they share a common enemy in President Masisi. But do they?

But before we even go there, both military history and strategic studies have demonstrated beyond doubt that, commonality in enemy, is not commonality in interests. In battlefield, often the enemy is constant, but the interests are fluid.

Interests are subject to time and space. Hence hate alone, cannot be considered a rational strategic imperative for a political alliance. Therefore, unless in fairy tales, emotions alone are not sufficient reasons for a strategic commitment.

Whatever the short-term benefits, they are always outweighed by the long-term costs and often lay the seeds for the next conflict. Despite this glaring reality, Boko seems to be unshaken in his quasi-religious belief in Khama as his ‘lucky-charm’ to the State House.

The reality is, this fantastical outlook, has very much disenfranchised the UDC, in particular the BCP which is very much constrained to a spectator role.

Boko seems to ascribe to the value system that the ends justify the means. Although this value system is always tempting, the UDC should know that, the means are just as important as the ends. The UDC should ignore their reputations at their own peril.

It is incorrect to think that they can control, turn off, or manipulate their reputation. Pardon me, but this Khama-Boko bromance has all the hallmarks of a puppet show, if not a scam.

The only question is, of the two, who is fooling who? As far as we know Khama, he would not be in any arrangement, where he is not venerated as ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega.’