Traumatised Teko Akanyang has hardly slept a wink since discovering the body of Omphemetse Setlhabi in a pond last week Wednesday.

Akanyang is the one who bravely walked to the pond that is situated near her home and began pulling out the dead body of Setlhabi with a log.

“I had for the past four days or so leading to the dreadful Wednesday been seeing something floating in the pond. I wondered what it was and why anyone would throw anything in the pond knowing well that our livestock drinks from there.

“As days passed, I wondered if maybe they had thrown baby diapers in there. I went there to fetch water for my plants still noticing the white sac. But as days passed, an awful smell started coming

from there,” Akanyang said.

Many thoughts filled her head as she tried to understand what was happening. At one point she even assumed that someone had aborted and thrown the foetus there.

It was only when it was announced on Tuesday that her friend Dino was missing and the public should assist in finding her that Akanyang's heart skipped.

“Could it be possible that my friend is in that sac?” Akanyang thought to herself.

On Tuesday night, she got even more restless. A voice kept telling her that she needs to show residents where to look.

“On Wednesday morning when people went to the Kgotla, I called my neighbour and told her to come to help me. I took a log and pulled the sac to the edge of the pond.

“The sac had started to rot, as it tore easily as I pulled it towards us. In that struggle, the contents spilled and I saw a human breast. I froze but a voice came to me telling me that I wanted to show you nothing but the truth,” Akanyan said, adding that Setlhabi was a Zion Christian Church (ZCC) member, and they used to go to church together.

“I believe the reason why this was revealed to me is that she was a churchmate. I am terrified, I have never in my life seen anything like that, I have not been able to eat or sleep,” she said.

Kgosana of Tupya ward, Beka Seane said the incident had left villagers in fear. Tumasera is a small village that has many elderly people. They travel alone every day to the ploughing fields.

“We have never seen anything like it before. Such incidents show that a lot has changed in our community. People need to be careful out there, we really hope that the police will unravel this matter,” he said.