Urges Batswana to prepare for the next elections

Earlier on today social media was abuzz with news of the issuance of a warrant of arrest of the former President of Botswana Ian Khama.

Khama has been charged with 14 charges which range from receiving stolen property to unlawful possession of firearms.

Khama has explained to this publication that he found out about his warrant of arrest through whatsapp like the majority of the people of Botswana.

He notes that he will consider appearing before the courts on the set date of the 23rd of February if his Will is up to date.

“Masisi and his crony Magosi are terrified of my return before the elections. The way they have gone about fabricating charges against me , attempts to eliminate me that the United Nations have even confronted them about , detaining my family, not arranging for us to receive the SADC award given to my father out of blind jealousy for his legacy, preventing us attending our sisters funeral etc. is not a matter of not being treated fairly,” Khama said.

He further revealed that President Masisi is vindictive and he is being driven by fear is his pursuit to oust him and his associates.

"My message to Bangwato and in fact all Batswana is to prepare for the next elections and ensure we rid this country of these evil people who do not resemble or represent anything of our culture and our faith," Khama said.