Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana (EFB) has raised concern about the Constitution [Amendment] Bill 2024, which was published in the 12th March 2024 Extraordinary Issue of the Government Gazette. Their concern is particularly centered around the proposed incorporation of 'intersex' legal provisions into the constitution.

President of the EFB, Pastor David Seithamo, has said that the proposed amendments touch upon critical aspects of governance, including the election procedures for members of Parliament and Ntlo-Ya-Dikgosi, as well as the appointment protocols for judges within the nation's courts. However, what appears to be most troubling to the evangelical community is the inclusion of 'intersex' legal provisions within the proposed changes.

Pastor Seithamo argues that some issues within the Constitution [Amendment] Bill 2024 will erode the morality of Batswana. He said that the Commission of Enquiry into the constitution clearly shows that Batswana do not want perverted sexual acts within the constitution.

Expressing deep-rooted concerns, Seithamo highlighted the clash between these proposed provisions and the Christian biblical teachings revered by Batswana. The pastor firmly rejects the intersex provisions, considering them as direct contraventions of the fundamental principles of their faith and way of life.

Moreover, Pastor Seithamo quizzed why the government of Botswana did not call for a national referendum on the issue even though the people of Botswana went as far as bringing a petition to parliament on these issues. He implores Batswana, particularly those who adhere to Christian beliefs, to stand united in opposition to these proposed constitutional amendments.

Pastor Seithamo calls for a collective rejection of what is perceived as anti-Christian provisions, alongside other alterations that pose threats to democracy and the judicial system of the nation. Emphatically, the statement calls upon legislators to oppose the Constitution [Amendment] Bill 2024.

He explained that they want the government to hold a national referendum on the issue as they are worried that this may be a doorway to welcoming more laws that will tarnish the nation. He also revealed that the EFB hopes to meet the President of the nation soon so that they can deliver their stance to him.