Man sliced by train found with stab wounds

Residents of Semotswane village along the Tonota-Francistown Road have more questions than answers regarding the death of Gabalape Tshwang (32).

Tshwang was found dead on Sunday morning after a goods train ran over his body.

Assistant Superintendent Patricia Moeng of Tonota police confirmed that they received a report that the train had run over a man and the incident was reported to them around 0200hrs.

“The train driver told us that he saw a man lying on the railway line and there was nothing he could do to prevent the train from riding over him. His lower body was severed and we are still investigating the case,” she said.

Meanwhile, some members of the community in Semotswane allege that Tshwang was murdered and placed along the railway so that it appears like he was killed by the train. It is alleged that the train only cut off his legs but that the deceased has stab wounds suggesting he was attacked.

Sources also allege that the deceased was spotted at a bar on Saturday night and a few hours before he was found dead. They suspect that Tshwang had been drinking and his killers took advantage, killed him and left him for dead along the railway line.

“I cannot really confirm or deny suspicions that he was murdered and placed along the railway to make it look like he wanted to kill himself, only the post mortem will reveal more details," Moeng said.

Kgosi Bateng Bailaphuthi of Semotswane said they are waiting for the post mortem to reveal the cause of death.

"We are not really sure, what we have now is that he was killed by the train, the police will tell us if there is anything more than that. I was with the grieving family and they have not shared any suspicions they might have regarding the death of one of their own with me," he said.