Twenty-year-old Maatla Phologolo of Mmadinare is in police custody for stabbing to death Bonang Nkhase (37) this past weekend in Selibe Phikwe after a drinking spree.

Selebi Phikwe station commander, Nicholas Kadiatla told The Midweek Sun that the accused returned home around 2am on Saturday in the company of two drinking partners.

While still sipping on all things boozy, a fight started leading to Phologolo attacking the two men with a knife.

“It seems they went drinking on Friday night, when they returned, they sat around the fire chatting. We are not sure what led to them fighting but the accused ended up attacking and stabbing the deceased in the stomach. He went on to stab the other man on his left shoulder and he is recovering in hospital,” Kadiatla said.

When the injured two were rushed to the hospital, Phologolo fled the scene. “We were assisted by his family, they brought him to us on Sunday morning,” Kadiatla said.

Phologolo was arraigned before court this past Tuesday. He is facing charges of murder and unlawful wounding, assault occasioning bodily harm. He will be remanded until 12th September 2022 while investigations continue.

Phikwe station commander said it was worrying that the youth often resort to violence after nights of entertainment and drinking. He advised against excessive drinking to a point they find themselves in trouble with the law.