Director of Research and Analysis at Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) Botho Seboko who is accused of being one of the faces behind the controversial pseudonym France Museveni, says Specially Elected MP Dr. Unity Dow is on a wild goose chase in the quest to unmask Museveni.

Seboko has taken the MP to court seeking an order against her to stop cyber harassing him and associating him with Museveni. In his replying affidavit Seboko has denied that he has any working relationship or connection with France Museveni or that he has powers to stop him.

“There is no basis for the claim by the Respondent that France Museveni is part of the DIS or any government agency for that matter. Clearly, the Respondent is on a wild goose chase and wants to involve me in that enervating exercise.

“Respondent says the 'Applicant and Museveni' seek to protect what they consider to be in the interest of President Mokgweetsi Masisi, Peter Magosi and the DIS. Clearly, by using the conjunctive word ‘and’ the Respondent implicitly admits that I and Museveni are two different people.

“The Respondent cannot convince herself that I am Museveni. Even assuming without conceding that I am France Museveni, the Respondent has no right whatsoever to send to me such obnoxious, insulting and abusive messages. To do so, is to take the law into her own hands, something that is totally unacceptable,” Seboko said.

He argues in the papers that unmasking the identity of France Museveni is Dr. Dow's business not his. It is also improper for Dow to seek to do so in this case, he said.

“I admit that I am employed by the Government of Botswana. But I deny that the Respondent was communicating with me in that capacity. The Respondent was targeting me for scorn, cyber-harassment and cyber stalking on her erroneous belief that I am France Museveni.

“The Respondent literally insults me. I doubt if all the sensitive information that the Respondent claims to possess has any relevance in this case. The Respondent is unsure of her target but is merely shooting in the dark with the hope that she will hit her target,” said Seboko.

He stated that all he asks for is that the MP must cease and desist from these criminal cyber activities. They do not befit her status as a Former Judge and a Former Minister in Government, he said, adding that her conduct belies the public's respect and admiration that she enjoys.

According to Seboko, at the commencement of the present proceedings, he politely asked Dr. Dow to cease and desist from her unlawful conduct, and she refused.

“I filed the present application on 01 September 2022. The Respondent continues to send unwelcome WhatsApp messages to me. If the Respondent believes that I am France Museveni, how does she possibly expect me to assist her in the arrest of France Museveni.

“She has completely turned this case into a game, and she enjoys playing the game. I do not enjoy it. If the Respondent is a respecter of the law as she claims, one would have thought that she will hold her horses and allow the Court to decide this matter rather than take the law into her hands as she does.

“Retired Judge Dow must respect the majesty of our laws and the courts and allow them the space to resolve this dispute. It is improper for her to exalt herself above the law and the courts as she behaves in this case,” Seboko said in the replying affidavit.