- Seboko demands apology for being associated with the pseudo-Facebook account - Dr. Dow says Seboko and his lawyers should forget it - Dr. Dow to file a countersuit

Botho Seboko, a former Executive Director of BOCONGO, has demanded that Specially-Elected Member of Parliament Dr. Unity Dow apologise for linking him to the controversial Facebook user, France Museveni.

But Dr. Dow will have none of that. She has dared Seboko and his lawyers, Jonas Attorneys, to take the matter to court.

According to Dr. Obonye Jonas, acting on behalf of Seboko, in the letter of demand dated 24th August 2022, since April 2022 to date, Dr. Dow has taken to sending obnoxious and odiously objectionable messages by way of Whatsapp to Seboko whom she falsely believes to be Museveni.

He stated that Dr. Dow who is now contesting for the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Deputy Secretary General position, has also on diverse dates sent messages to the Whatsapp group belonging to BDP MPs and to Seboko’s mobile phone, falsely accusing him of intending to harm or kill her.

“This has traduced or impugned the integrity of our client enormously. Your conduct falls foul of Section 17 and 18 of the Cybercrime and Computer-related Crimes,” Jonas said.

As a result, he said they are instructed to demand that Dow tenders an apology to Seboko and make an undertaking to desist from such acts of Cyber harassment intimidation within seven days of receipt of the letter, failing which the lawyers will be left with no option but to approach the High Court for a suitable relief without further reference to Dow.

Dr. Dow says she will not apologise to Seboko “his co-conspirators, nor his principals on any beliefs I may or may not hold as to the identity of France Museveni”.

She stated that as an officer of the courts, she shall eagerly await the service of Seboko’s court papers to facilitate a judicial process to reveal the identity of France Museveni.

“Kindly anticipate a countersuit as the actions of France Museveni, co-conspirators and his principals form the basis of a class action lawsuit falling within the jurisdiction of not only Botswana but the entire world,” she said in response to the demand letter.

Dr. Dow a former cabinet member last week took a swipe at MPs for being cowards and not acting when things are not done right. She also accused Defence and Security Minister Kagiso Mmusi of turning a blind eye while law enforcement agencies are harassing people.

According to the MP, she is being harassed for raising her hand to contest for a position in the BDP Central Committee at the party’s National Elective Congress which started today (Friday) in Tsabong.

She vowed not to be intimidated and will contest the position of Deputy Secretary General.

In February this year, Dr. Dow reported Museveni's account to the police arguing that she has been subjected to cyberbullying. She told the media then that with more than 39 000 views, Museveni clearly has an impressive following and since he has made it his mission to keep people reading about “me every single day, it is in my interest to offer my side on this unfortunate chapter in our country's justice system.

“I am being cyberbullied, harassed, defamed, and slandered by a group of people hiding behind a pseudonym. I say I have been bullied because I have been repeatedly mentioned in posts that are intended to, and do indeed, portray me in very bad light.

“I have been repeatedly tagged to ensure that I read the posts. I say I have been defamed and slandered because a lot of untruths have been said about me. I am a member of parliament and a former minister and I have called a press conference to address my being bullied on social media, specifically, on Facebook, bullied under circumstances that are more a comment about where we are as a country than what is said about me.

“No one, certainly not a member of parliament, should have to do what I have been forced to do today. Because we should not be where we are right now,” she said.