Bride ties the knot, dies ahead of wedding celebration

Bontle Moipodi of Lokgwabe died this past Friday, a day after exchanging vows with her husband David Khumanego.

Bontle allegedly complained of a headache while doing her hair on Friday afternoon. She was preparing to celebrate her wedding the next day on Saturday.

Confirming the sad incident, Head of Arbitration at Lokgwabe kgotla Charles Cooper, said David paid Bogadi for Bontle on Wednesday and that he was part of the village leadership that accepted the Bogadi from the groom’s parents.

The groom is from Lehututu village, 20km from from Lokgwabe.

The couple finalised their marriage before the District Commissioner on Thursday. What was left was for the couple to celebrate their union over the weekend, but that has turned into a ceremony that never happened.

“We are very sad. She went to Hukuntsi on Friday to do her hair. She hadgone there with her children. The boys cut their hair while the girls did their hair in the salon with their mother.

“We hear she complained of a headache while doing her hair. She later died that day. Her parents are devastated, so much that her father is now hospitalised. He fainted after hearing that his daughter is no more,” Cooper said.

A worried Copper said they do not really understand what is happening in their village. He said that a similar incident happened in the village in 2020 when Letsholathebe Ndiapo Mohame died a week before he could marry his

lover, Keemetse Bongbong of Kang.

The wedding ceremonies were scheduled for 19 December 2020 in Kang at the bride’s place and on the 26th of December in Lokgwabe at the groom’s place. At the time, Kgosi Clarkson Molatole of Lokgwabe was lost for words, only saying they had gathered for the celebration and Ndiapo was well, the next minute he was gone.

Kgosi said the family informed him that Ndiapo complained of a throbbing headache. His tongue began swelling and he was unable to speak. He was rushed to the hospital where he died the next day.