- Team Molefhi clashes with Communications team member - Party leadership accused of turning a blind eye - We don't condone that and action will be taken - Masisi

President Mokgweetsi Masisi says it is unfortunate that there has been an incident that linked some of the central committee position contestants to opposition Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) allegedly created by fellow Democrats.

He stated that as the BDP, they do not approve of any harassment or bullying for those who seek political office. As the leader of the party Masisi says he expects peaceful campaigns within the party because that is the foundation that has sustained the BDP.

Masisi was addressing the media in Tsabong following an incident in which a member of the Communications and International Relations Committee allegedly produced a poster of Nonofo Molefhi lobby group and associated them with the BPF.

The poster replaced Masisi’s picture with that of former President Ian Khama who is also BPF Patron and Democrats were urged not to support the lobby group as they were agents of the BPF. It emerged in Tsabong that the matter has since been reported to the police.

Masisi stated that he is not aware the matter has been reported to the police but indicated that it would be a good move if such has happened.

“It will be good because we will eventually know who really is behind this. We have laws out there that are meant to protect our people. We will allow the police to also do their investigations.

“That complaint has reached me and I made enquiries to chairperson of the said sub-committee and the chairperson called and enquired with the said member.

“The member has since claimed innocence in the matter. It has been claimed that in fact that portrait has been made by BPF members themselves,” Masisi told the media, when asked on what his party is doing about reports of

cyber bullying and harassment of other party members prior and post the Tsabong elective congress.

Masisi has warned that should it be found that this was a deliberate move from within to de-campaign others action will be taken against the culprit (s). "I am at peace with, let it be reported and let the law take its cause," he added.

He explained that the BDP does not tolerate such behaviour and attitude towards other people.

“This is so wrong and we strongly condemn these acts. I am very concerned at the way people go against each other in the campaigns. We are going to be strict. Due process will have to be followed in dealing with this matter and we will sanction the culprit. Of course politics is rough but we do not have to go to that extreme,” Masisi stressed.

Team Molefhi has complained about bullying by fellow democrats especially their competitors from Vice President Slumber Tsogwane’s team. Team Tsogwane won all the seats that were contested for at the congress.

Tsogwane has argued that contrary to what Team Molefhi has said, his team is the one which has suffered bullying and humiliation. He said the adversaries were even going to radio stations to attack them without substantiating their claims.

"They are saying all sorts of things but they did not tell you that they even wanted to force themselves into our camp to campaign, we refused but did not fight them," Tsogwane said.