HardPro (Pty) Ltd Senior System Specialist, Dennis Dube says there are a lot of trends as far as technology is concerned and it is always important for internet users to be aware of their environment.

Dube said it is of paramount importance especially for businesses to ensure that their internet security is top priority. He pointed out that with the rapid change in technologies, the security that one deployed yesterday is no longer relevant today.

HardPro (Pty) Ltd is a citizen owned Information Communications Technology (ICT) company which focuses on new innovation products and services. HardPro was recognised as the Best Dell Partner in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) for the year 2023.

This prestigious award was presented to the company at the Dell Forum 2023 in Johannesburg South Africa. HardPro’s core business is to provide ICT products and services.

The company provides Infrastructure Technology Development, security solutions, including assessments, audit and implementation. Dube told this publication that they are currently working on innovation for data protection and cybersecurity.

“We are pushing products and services in that regard. We are to provide the latest and best technology. Cybersecurity and the internet go hand in hand. With so much threats in the modernisation of the internet there is too much risk.

“In Botswana there are millions of devices connected to the internet. The biggest aspect around communication and connectivity on a daily basis is how secure can your information be as you transmit that data from device to another”, Dube said.

“Having been established in 2006 our objective is to be the driver behind innovation. We want to help businesses to make the best of ICT service and put technology right at the front to make sure it gives them advantage transforming business strategies through the right alignment in IT infrastructure”, Dube said.

He said their commitment to growth and innovation led them to strategically establish a new office in Tanzania in 2023, in alignment with their Southern African Development Community (SADC) expansion strategy.

This expansion not only broadens their footprint but positions them as a key player in shaping the future of ICT in the region. He explained that regarding diverse presence and industry leadership, HardPro has cultivated a robust presence across various sectors, including Financial Services, Multi-nationals, Parastatals, Telco, and the Public Sector.