Botho University produces 40 percent of its electricity through solar energy and has cut down on 80 percent of water wastage in their Gaborone Campus. And to cap it all, the University has its own electric car which was made by the learners from the Gaborone campus.

Vice Chancellor of Botho University, Dr. Sheela Raja Ram noted that being able to create impact in 12 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, “gives our people the confidence that as a modern university our work contributes to making our students and hence Africa economically strong.”

Ram explained that as they move toward 2030 they are motivated that the institution is adding positive change to the world. Ram said it is the responsibility of all organisations to meet the SDGs especially organisations in the education spectrum because it has to take the lead in making efforts to reach the SDGs.

“We are becoming a sustainable university and we also teach sustainability,” Ram said, adding that the pedagogy they use and keep improving is Challenge Driven Education and Dual learning that helps nurture employability and shows efforts of BU to teach for sustainability.

The sustainability and social impact report from BU highlights that the institution has made strides in 12 of the 17 SDG goals of the United Nations. She further said that there is a need for more funding for research so that they may increase the research they conduct around SDGs.