The Botswana National Front (BNF) Leadership Forum held this past weekend in Mogoditshane has adopted a new strategic plan in preparation for 2024 general elections.

The forum which was attended by the party’s Central Committee, Women’s League Committee, Youth League Committee, Members of Parliament, Councillors, Regional and Constituency Secretaries adopted the BNF strategic plan titled, 'Regime Change through partnership for genuine Democracy.' According to the BNF Secretary General, Ketlhalefile Motshegwa, the strategic plan analyses the political environment in Botswana, project strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the party.

Further, it outlines BNF vision, mission, strategic goals, values and a plan for accomplishing such or implementation. Motshegwa stated that the strategic plan is a blueprint for organisational transformation of BNF to attain growth, prosperity and vibrancy.

The secretary general pointed out that as per the strategic plan, the Vision statement is “BNF is a political vanguard for socio-economic transformation and prosperity for all”, the mission statement stands as “BNF exists to advocate for a just, inclusive and equitable society”.

The BNF strategic goals are; to improve and build accountable leadership in BNF; to drive growth in BNF through membership recruitment drive; to mobilise financial resources and ensure effective use of BNF highly skilled, technical and professional members; to use political education to develop a culture of sustained peace, discipline and inner democracy; to develop a more robust and multifaceted communications and marketing strategy; to mobilise and organise opposition parties into a strong and formidable Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Motshegwa said, adding that the forum also dialogued on preparation for 2024 general elections and received reports from Regions.

He called on BNF members to remain focused on organisational unity, regard for each other, activism to recruit and mobilise at their structures, to continue exposing socio-economic failures of BDP, and provide policy alternatives offered by BNF and UDC.

BNF recently experienced a split when some of its members including the former Vice President Dr Prince Dibeela dumped the party. They left the party because it currently lacks inner party democracy following Dr Dibeela’s faction loss at the BNF elective congress in Gaborone in July this year.

Motshegwa stated that the country is in economic turmoil, social depression and decline and political crisis. He said the ruling party is dismally failing to govern and, there is a serious leadership vacuum, poor planning, defective project implementation and monitoring.

According to Motshegwa, there is need to provide explanation, corrective measures to be undertaken regarding infrastructure that lacks quality and durability with examples of roads, bridges, some hospitals and schools.