- Pledges to push for the fight against youth unemployment

The newly-elected Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) National Youth Executive Chairman Collen Mochotlhi has pledged to work with the party leadership to look for solutions to the nagging unemployment problem.

Mochotlhi who is also Councillor for Lenganeng Ward in Tlokweng Constituency won at the Youth Wing elective congress held in Bobonong after joining the race at the eleventh hour.

Mochotlhi told Botswana Guardian that he is grateful for the opportunity given to him to lead the BDP youth wing. He indicated that he would do his best to represent the youth and advocate for the interest of the youth irrespective of party affiliation.

According to the chairman’s roadmap, he intends to work with the party leadership to come up with solutions to address the high unemployment rate in the country.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi indicated earlier that there is need for urgent attention to addressing the rising unemployment numbers. Mochotlhi stated that in addressing this problem, one of the key issues is to review youth policies. He said it is time youth policies are aligned with the BDP Manifesto and President Masisi’s Reset Agenda.

His other focus will be to focus on preparing for the 2024 general election and hold regular workshops to educate the youth about government programmes, party history, cultures and procedures, as well as strengthen youth party structures.

When officially opening the congress, President Masisi said he is of the firm opinion that the congress offers an opportunity to exchange ideas that will have the net effect of well packaged commitments, resolutions and, most importantly, the election of office bearers and the crop of leadership that will take the youth to the next crucial chapter of their political journey - the election victory of 2024.

“When the story of your leadership is written and your credentials are presented, will it be found among you that there was enough denial of self, and privileges, to elect instead, to support the raised hands and arms of your fellow compatriots?

“Does your scent and henna enhance the sparkle, the splendour and life of the collective bouquet of flowers you swore to become when you joined in the assemblage of Madongwana?

“Turn to the neighbour sitting next to you and inquire of one another; Do we have the attributes of fostering a united and consolidated youth as the theme of this Congress dictates?” According to Masisi, the answer to that question should be a complete rendition of what the youth stand for as the BDP youthful army.

“Your youthful disposition, lively demeanour and energetic display should be oiled with political maturity in a combustion that makes our Party to fire on all cylinders,” said the president.

He told the congress that as Young Democrats, they are an integral part of the BDP machinery and, indeed, the transformative force the nation needs to propel, ever forward. He explained that any transformation must start with the full participation of the youth who are both the architects and

custodians of the nation’s future.

“Never doubt yourselves, and never doubt your neighbour, never doubt your capabilities and the true potentials that you possess”. He added “fellow Democrats, our role as the leadership of the Botswana Democratic Party, and, indeed, the Government of the day, is to hold your hand and guide your feet towards the choices you have already made in following the path that will shape and cement your future politically, socially and economically.

“It is, indeed, a noble vocation for us, as the leadership, to light the torch that helps to illuminate your path. You should always be mindful, that the circumstances you will encounter while travelling down that path has very little to do with the predetermined destination that you must reach.”