The Botswana Congress Party and the Alliance for Progressives held their initial negotiation talks this past weekend.

The talks marked the beginning of a union that the two parties hope will last forever.

President of the Alliance for Progressives Ndaba Gaolathe indicated that they will give voters a new political option whose leadership is not only for a select few. He added that they will give voters a party that does not benefit the corrupt elite but benefits all people.

Gaolathe noted that more organisations from various walks of life such as churches and unions will join the new marriage that AP and BCP are forming to transform the nation.

He indicated that other political parties are on the way to joining them and that it is only a matter of time before they reveal them to the voters.

Gaolathe described theirs as the beginning of a new era - a Botswana that is free from corruption. He promised that through the new union they will deliver to Batswana an atmosphere where the youth can realise their dreams and a nation that has the right economic foundation for entrepreneurs to thrive wherever they are.

Gaolathe likened BCP and AP to the biblical army that Joshua led to overthrow a much stronger opponent. He said even if they are fewer they will still overthrow their political opponents to give birth to a new Botswana.

President of the Botswana Congress Party Dumelang Saleshando emphasised that Botswana can improve and must do everything in its power to improve. He quoted the BCP Manifesto of the early 2000s which stated that Botswana can and must do better.

Saleshando indicated that they started their talks with various political parties such as the BNF, BPP, BPF, and AP and only AP took heed of their call.

Saleshando urged people to realise the power they wield to give birth to a new nation.

Talking to The Midweek Sun, Saleshando explained that this is a marriage of common and shared values. He noted that the details of how they will work together will be unveiled in the future.