- Some healers advise men to sex their daughters to be rich

Traditional healer Otsile Molefe of Mochudi says that there is no genuine and self-respecting traditional healer that can tell their client to go out and bring them human organs for ritual purposes.

In fact, none of the healers that believe in organ harvesting can ever come out to publicly tell what they use the human organs for. That is because such people know that what they are practising is not traditional medicine but something else.

But certainly, bloodshed in the name of Dipheko tsa Setswana always comes back to haunt perpetrators tenfold than the pain they exerted on their innocent souls.

“There is nothing that you can take from an individual and it does not come back to bite you hard. With traditional medicine, the wrongdoer never gets a peaceful life, you kill for power and have to face the consequences for the rest of your life,” the traditional healer said.

Molefe does not understand why some healers would want people’s private parts, their tongues, and hearts.

“I do not know what purpose those organs serve and I wonder why they do not use the organs of already dead people instead of killing people. Organs of the already dead are equally human organs,” Molefe said.

He explained that what most Batswana do not know is that once those who have been wronged also seek help from other traditional healers, the perpetrators will burn or even die.

The healer shared that what they have realised over the years is that some people learn barbaric ways under the guise of traditional medicine.

“I can tell with confidence that here in Botswana, some healers tell fathers to sleep with their daughters in order to get rich. And for someone who comes to them for help and is desperate, they might just do that.

“But with us here, we do not condone such practices, we are not witches, we help people who have been wronged, that is the practice we were taught," Molefe said, adding that they do not understand where some healers learned their practices. “What they are doing only proves that someone taught them such evil practices, that is, why we even hear of healers who claim that the only proper way to administer medicine to females is through sexual intercourse with them, what kind of medicine is given through private parts?”

Molefe was speaking following the recent arrests of some individuals alleged to be healers and implicated in the murder of a six-year-old boy of Lobatse Tlotso Karema.

The boy was allegedly killed and dumped beside the road in April this year. Speculation is now rife among Batswana that the child was murdered for ritual purposes.