Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Sethabelo Modukanele had a hectic day in parliament as he responded to inquiries from Members of Parliament, representing two constituencies in the capital city.

Tumisang Mangwegape-Healey, the Member of Parliament for Gaborone Central, posed several questions, seeking updates on developments in the constituency since 2019.

Modukanele outlined various accomplishments in Gaborone Central, including clinic and community hall completions, road paving, and park and sports facility construction. He emphasised the engagement of local contractors, artisans, and laborers to fulfil the Local Economic Empowerment mandate.

He said Ipelegeng Skills Development Component further contributed to empowerment through occupational training, with a budget of P86,470,571.89 allocated for project implementation.

Modukanele stated that there are 463 dikgotla across the country, clarifying that their distribution is not aligned with constituency boundaries. Regarding Kgotla services in Gaborone Central, he acknowledged the inconvenience for residents and proposed advising the Gaborone City Council to consider establishing a Kgotla facility in Gaborone Central.

In response to another inquiry from Christian Greeff, the Member of Parliament for Gaborone Bonnington South, Modukanele acknowledged the poor state of internal roads in the constituency. He outlined ongoing efforts, including routine maintenance through different funding programs and highlighted the prioritisation of road paving in specific areas for the 2023/24 financial year.

Modukanele also provided insights into stormwater drainage and streetlight projects, emphasising the approval of a Storm Water Master Plan for Gaborone. He expressed hope that this plan would address the city's stormwater challenges. Additionally, he mentioned short-term solutions, such as the construction of a stormwater drainage system in Seimacwa road in Phase 4 and the desilting of drains to prepare for the upcoming rainy season.

The Assistant Minister further updated parliament on the progress of solar streetlight installations in Bonnington South, with some delays due to geological challenges. He expressed optimism about resolving these issues and highlighted future plans for streetlight upgrades in other areas, subject to funding availability.