A Botswana Defence Force (BDF) soldier, Dimpho Jenko (33) based at Thebephatshwa Air Base was found hanging from the rafters of his bedroom this past Sunday.

Jenko allegedly reported for duty on Saturday morning showing no signs of being emotionally disturbed. His colleagues did not pick that he was suicidal or battling any problems that might lead him to take his life.

Later that evening Jenko’s friends tried calling him but his phone rang unanswered. The next day, around 1400hrs some of his worried friends went to his house only to find it locked. When they peeped through the window, they saw his body hanging from the roof.

The police were called and he was certified dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Police spokesperson Near Bagali said it is not clear what could have led to the man ending his own life. He said there is no suicide note or anyone who knows what could have happened.

"We are still trying to investigate, for now it is still early to give further details about the matter," Bagali said.

Soldiers at Thebephatswa told The Midweek Sun that they are reeling in shock because they never suspected that Jenko could take his own life. They say he was a true lover of life.

A friend said that Jenko was supposed to leave for Mozambique on a work trip and that he was very excited at the opportunity BDF gave him.

"We are lost for words, we really do not know what to think, some are even suspecting witchcraft, the trip was a rewarding one which anyone can salivate over," the friend said.

BDF spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Fana Maswabi could not confirm or deny the suicide event at Thebephatshwa but asked instead that we send him a questionnaire.