Gaborone Mayor Austin Abraham has warned that those who litter the city will be charged accordingly.

So far, a total of 41 Gaborone residents have been charged a total sum of P41 000 for improper handling of waste.

Abraham says council is enforcing the Public Health and Waste Management Act, which prohibits littering and dumping of waste in public spaces.

Gaborone City Council has been hard at work cleaning up the city in an effort to give it a clean look.

“We are continuously noticing indiscriminate littering and dumping at hot spots like playgrounds and open spaces.

“A total of 239 nuisance abatement has been issued out of which 98 of them complied while 141 is being followed up to ensure compliance is achieved,” the Mayor said.

The clean- up campaign has been ongoing for weeks with litter picked in all the Gaborone constituencies.

In an effort to ensure that the city remains clean, plans are underway to procure 245 waste receptacles for bus stops, public places and some walkways.

In addition, council has already awarded a tender for waste collection at G West Phase 1, which will cover CBD under Package One. Package Two will cover, Maruapula, Partial and Tsholofelo.