A one-year-old baby of Tholo ward in Tonota drowned and died last week after falling into a 20-litre bucket full of dirty water.

According to Tonota Police station commander, Oteng Nganda, parents of the minor were at work in Tati Siding when the tragic incident happened. They had left the baby in the care of a Zimbabwean caretaker.

“The caretaker was mopping the floors and forgot to throw out the dirty water once done. It appears the child slipped and fell into the bucket of water.”

During interrogation, the police found that the Zimbabwean lady has no work permit and was in the country illegally.

“We have remanded her in custody, while investigations continue. When taken to court, she will be charged with entering the country illegally and working without a permit”, Ngada said.

He added that the grieving Mokone family will also have a case to answer.

“The family is still grieving but the law is clear, they hired her and stayed with her illegally. Preliminary investigations suggest that the Zimbabwean woman had been in Botswana for almost a year,” he said.

Nganda warned Batswana to be careful when dealing with foreigners to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

He also advised that baby sitters need to be vigilant when left in the care of minor children, as they require close monitoring.