Vee Mampeezy has emerged the number one artist in terms of downloads caller tunes and ring tones in Botswana, according to Vib Mobile.

The artist has received a lot of slack for releasing many songs, but it now seems to be paying off big time for him as he has had a chance to get some songs to make a bit of money for him especially as we live in a time where local artists are battling to make ends meet and need to supplement their income.

He said: "I was number 1 in January and you guys have made me number one again now. I would like to thank the Lord Jesus and my fans."

Communications executive director Thuto Baletloa said that they recognise the economic and financial impact on the nation Vib Mobile has indicated that they are passionate about the creative industry and they will continue to improve and invest in the music industry and empower them to generate sustainable income streams. Making money can be challenging and tough for independent, unsigned and upcoming music artists because they fund their careers from their pockets.

In most cases, music artists who are signed to record labels do not feel the stress of independent music artists; their videos and studio sessions are funded by record labels: they get shows and fane through the influence of their record labels and also, they are provided with wardrobe allowances, all which independent artists do not get.