Thabang Shaun Dinku recently published a new book titled The Cradle.

The book is about a man from a foreign continent who has made it his life goal to find the biggest diamond in the world. Through the use of a newly developed piece of technology, he finds out that the diamond he is looking for can be found in Botswana. Upon his arrival, excavations begin but they are quickly halted by the emergence of Matsieng, who is displeased with the current state of the world.

The youth have to unite to save their country and to save the world. The book explores issues of greed, politics, the environment, self identity and mental health.

Dinku expressed hope that the readers would develop a new understating of Botswana's culture, the world and most importantly, themselves.

The book is available in both soft and hard copy formats: Ebook -Amazon, Apple Books and Scribd, and hard copies from the University of Botswana bookstore.

Dinku recently told this publication that his journey as a writer began when he had a story to share and decided to use the medium of literature. Interestingly, writing came naturally to him and he didn't struggle to put his story together despite being a first-time writer. "I was venturing into new territory and the result was the birth of my first novel, The Cradle," he said.

The 25-year-old University of Botswana student noted that the book is inspired by the lack of representation of Botswana culture and mythology in pop culture, literature and Hollywood. "My dream is for the story to one day make it onto cinema," he said.

Dinku's creative juices are always flowing and he looks forward to penning more books on intriguing tales. "There will be more books coming out soon. Titles and release dates will be announced in due time," he said.

He advised other young authors to write the books they want to write, the way that they would want to write. "It is important that they remember that it is their names on the book and that the story they want to share matters most."