On November 27, one of the artistic and most versatile producers in Botswana will be honoured in one of the most epic concerts of this decade. The producer happens to be none other than Prez Beats.

The event is pencilled to take place at Notwane Lifestyle Club, and it seeks to honour the legacy of the music producer. The event is slated to feature a number of local artists who worked with Prez Beats, including the likes of KORA award winners, Machesa, Eskimos, Scar, Kast, Bouncy, Magosi, Mosako, K-Bos, Orakle, Kgokgonono, Morwa Tsankana, Licky, Frost, Lerofo, Bangu and many others. Prez Beats, born Kagiso Presley ‘Prez Beats’ Metshe is such a powerhouse when it comes to producing some of the most popular tunes to hit the airwaves in Botswana. A genius who can aptly just about intricately move from one genre to another without breaking a sweat, is indeed a one in a million.

We have all listened, danced and sang to some of the songs that he touched with those masterful hands of his. Ranging from your Hip Hop, Traditional Folk, Kwaito, House, Afro Pop, he has a distinct sound that undeniably belongs to only him.

Some of the hits that are his products include Taku Taku by Vee, a hit that is still as relevant today as it was when it was first released. Other hits of his includes Metlholo by Scar. Bestowed with the 2016 Lifetime Yarona FM Music Achievement Award at the annual Yarona FM Music Awards, Prez Beats is indeed one of the biggest and greatest music producers. His early life in music started back in the day as one tof the trio that made up Third Mind, one of the earliest Hip hop outfits to set the scene in Hip Hop.

The other two members of the group were Modise ‘Dee’ Molebatsi and Mokhabi ‘Bumpy’ Moeletsi. Third Mind had some memorable albums such as Player for Life (1996), and the Second Coming (2005). The albums had hits that include Player for Life, Sesotho ke sechaena and Ngoma to mention a few.

According to his profile, both albums received critical acclaim with the former being widely recognised as a seminal body of work in Botswana’s Hip hop scene, and later spawning successful radio singles. 3rd Mind would go on to score a number of milestones and firsts, including securing appearances in platforms that includes SABC 1, M-Net, Channel O and Drum Magazine. His profile also details that Prez Beats reached nationwide prominence as a producer and songwriter between 1999 and 2010.

He was initially a part of the legendary, P-Side collective and later Eric Ramco Records. He is best known for production and song writing of some of the most popular hits of that era. His most iconic works include Semakaleng and Setswana sa Borre albums for Matsieng, Machesa, Vee on his Kasi Angels project, and Eskimos on projects that include Farafatlha, Makimo and Still Makimo which all did incredibly well in the market. One of his recent work happens to be the chart topping, Mabinaditsholwa by Bouncy.

The song is kind of traditional song with a modern touch. A stroke of genius, everything on this hit compliments each other. And to top it off, the video of the song shot on location at Avani Gaborone Casino and Resort befitted the song of this magnitude. He is also credited for launching the careers of some of the top local acts including the likes of Scar, Kast, Mosako, K-Bos, Juju Boy, Magosi, Fosta Juliano, and Orakle. His profile further reveals that he spent his early years in the industry under Eric Ramco Records where he oversaw the Ramco Loco faction of the record label.

Alongside Gofaone Goof Mapitse, and Kabelo Motlhatlhedi aka K-bos, the trio co-founded Heart Beat Sounds, where he ushered in a new breed of artists including the the likes of Bangu, Frost, Lerofo, Lunar and many others. His notable recent works include Lebala ka nna by MMP Family, Kopisa by Gaone Nthoiwa, Free love by Licky to mention a few.

Speaking in an interview, Melo of Magosi, explains that Prez Beats is still very active in music, and that he is currently working with artists such as Ms Abbey, Moologa and Camphor. He also says that the inspiration for the concert is to honour him and his impact on the music industry.

“He has been a deciding force in the careers of some of our biggest music stars including Scar, Vee, Eskimos, Machesa, Matsieng, Kast, Mosako, Bouncy, Bangu and Magosi,” he said. He also reveals that they are putting this event together as it is about time that he is honoured for his work on the music industry. “A lot of our legends are celebrated posthumously. We want to give his praise and accolades while he is still active and present,” said Melo.