*Merges activism voice with creative talent

Outgoing Miss Botswana Palesa Molefe has made her acting debut in a series called 'Is it Rape?' premised on the that was released earlier this month by Molao Matters. 'Is it Rape,' is a series of series that explores issues of consent and withdrawal under different sub-themes.

The series explores how many women are raped on dates (date rape) and find themselves forced into or coerced into sexual engagements that could lead to unplanned pregnancy or HIV infection. The drama looks into the different dynamics under which raps occurs and helps both men and women figure out what is rape and what is not rape (considering issues of sexual consent) and how they can access help and support.

Molefe is a film and stage actress and also a monologist. She is also the founder of Botswana United Artists, an NGO founded to illuminate the value of the arts industry.

Not only has Molefe captivated online audiences with her natural beauty and sunny disposition, but as well with an effortless magnetism in front of the camera; the multi-talented starlet speaks from the heart and with conviction The 23-year-old stunner has always made it clear that she wants to use her talent to get ahead and make strides.

The rosiest flower to have blossomed in Botswana in a while, Molefe is certainly akin to the Biblical metaphor, the ‘balm in Gilead’ because the Mochudi marvel is just what the doctor ordered, given her refreshing talent and how she is using her influence to develop new talent. She has indicated that "she has always wanted to give back to her community and help to unearth new talent."

Molao Matters mission is to make law accessible and justice attainable for all. The group believes that the bridge between the law and its subjects can be built by creating portals of access. "It can be maintained by challenging attitudes of apathy and stagnation and strengthened through strategic activism."