Dance It Out BW Academy for exceptional dancing vibes

Dance It Out BW dance school looks forward to ablaze the entertainment industry and create a cohort of professional dancers around.

Founder and director at Dance It Out BW, Louisa Kokoro, affectionately known as 'Miss Louissa' says her school is determined to enhance dance talent locally. Dancing isn't just a hobby for her, but a profession and a talent that needs to be embraced.

She is a professional dancer, choreographer and an actress, and normally dances at Jacks Gym Molapo Crossing, where her dance academy is located. "Dance It Out BW school is a talent enhancement program as well as an extra curricular activity for many.

I host dance classes now and then. We have more than 50students enrolled and there's a big and massive feedback," she said.

The 20-year - old dancer said that her dancing career started in early 2021 as a video vixen and a dance choreographer. She has also performed in some local and international music videos and hosted dance classes for the past season.

One of her exciting moments in her dancing career is when her dancing academy won the competition at YAMA Awards, and when she danced for the renowned Makhadzi. "I was one of Makhadzi’s dancers at the Makhadzi’s one woman show here in Botswana," she said adding that she has also performed alongside Pabi Cooper as a dancer at the Amaroto festival.

She has also performed at the Yarona FM Music awards as a dancer and won the dance category. "For video Vixen, I have as well opened for Kamo Mphela at the Amapiano Fest, and did paid promotions and dance advertisements for Agua pure water."

She is also currently Han-C’s dancer and choreographer and also choreographed ATI’s one man show. She is also Zikomo African Awards nominee under Best Choreographer and best Professional Dancer of the year. Dancing with Pabi Cooper at the Amaroto Event is also one of her proudest moments, as well as Vukani and Pabi Cooper from South Africa, FME Djs, La’Tonde and Flyboy Que (Kalima).