Preparations for the upcoming Kgosi Ya Mosadi Festival are in full swing. The event, scheduled for the National Stadium on October 29th, features Botswana’s Charma Gal who is set on making history as the first Motswana woman to fill up the National Stadium.

On the day that she will be writing history books, she will be joined by one of the biggest Soukos giants, Koffi Olomide. Olomide is one of the legends when it comes to the Soukos/Rhumba music genre. And his coming to Botswana is something that has already excited many Batswana who have been longing to see their favourite artist on stage in local shores. Organisers of the event, briefed the media on Tuesday this week, ussuring the ecstatic Batswana that the show is still on, and that this is one show that they will not forget.

With many nicknames that range from Quadra Kora Man, Grand Mopao Mokonzi, Mukulukulu, Nkolo Lupemba, and many others, in recent days, Batswana have been sharing his many fashion hits/ fails on social media. And while some would opt not to say a lot about his crazy dress sense that ranges from heels, or your 80’s disco heels, unconventional pants and a whole lot of an array of other colourful outfits that befit his personality, they all agree on one thing, come October 29th, they will be at the National Stadium, come rain or come sunshine.

Born Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba in July 13th, 1956, his net worth is valued at $18million. The 66 year-old is a producer, Soukos singer, dancer and composer. Popular in Africa and Europe, he has over 25 albums under his belt.

In 2001, one of his albums, Effrakata received numerous awards at the 2001 Kora Awards which were held in South Africa. But with success comes a bit of controversy. His recent one being allegations of assaulting one of his producers, and was slapped with a three-month suspension. Promoter, Lesh T explained during the media briefing that he recently had a conversation with Mopao, a few days ago, and that he was excited to be coming to Botswana.

He also said that he will be accompanied by a 19 band/dancers contingency. On top of that, he said that there are five journalists from the DRC who have expressed interest to come. Contrary to some reports that Mopao has another event somewhere else on the same day, he said that this is far from the truth.

And said that Fally Ipupa, his protege, was the one pencilled for that show. “Olomide is an ambassador of the arts, and he is excited to come here,” he said. He further noted that the journey of the show started in January when his company started to have a conversation with Olomide.

He reveals that they decided to collaborate with Charma Gal on this historic show. For her part, Charma Gal had little words to say, noting that she was most expressive on stage. Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Youth, Dean Molebatsi hailed the event noting that in todays world there is no better currency than an idea.

He also said that the ripple effects will benefit many Batswana from different sectors. The Mayor of Gaborone, Austin Abram also commended the organisers of the event, and said that his city was happy to host the event of this calibre.