BW traditional artist Khumagadi partakes in cultural exchange programme in Swaziland

Ontiretse Thobega, who goes by the stage-name, Khumagadi, will traverse southern Africa showcasing the beauty of Botswana's culture and exchanging notes on how to integrate Africa and celebrate it as one nation despite the different cultures and tribes on the continent. Later this month, the artist will participate in a cultural exchange programme to be held in Swaziland.

Traditional artist and dancer Khumagadi wants to be a cultural ambassador of Botswana and share the beauty of the country's flora and fauna, rich heritage and history and vibrant culture that can be appreciated through its tourism. "I want to take our culture to the international world. I have travelled to and performer in Europe and neighbouring African countries and the reception is always warm and welcoming. The world needs to hear and know more about out culture."

Khumagadi is one of four artists who have collaborated on a cultural exchange programme geared at showcasing the unique cultures of each country to one another in order to create appreciation of different cultures and spread awareness so that Africans can better understand that we share similar roots and identities, and are basically one people.

The four, apart from Khumagadi, include Mzamo Happy Ncube, popularly known as M'zet from South Africa, Orbet Dube the African poet from Zimbabwe and Sebaga from Botswana.

Khumagadi was recently in Swaziland on a tour visit and she said she was pleased with the royal welcome she received. The artists who work closely with Sibebe cultural group from Swaziland.

The Cultural Exchange programme will run from the 25th June 2022 - 2nd of July 2022. The programme is held under the theme, Africa Unite, and it is aimed at bringing together different cultures from across the continent. Khumagadi explained that she will take pride in teaching the other participants about Botswana's beautiful culture from its heritage,food,language,dance and music.

The programme will culminate with a concert on 2 July, which is also World Culture Day. " We will also go into studio to record a common song as part of the closing for the event on 2 July, which coincides with the commemorations for World Culture Day," she said.

Khumagadi added that they plan to continue to host different dance festivals and cultural exchange festivities across the African region as the year goes on and beyond.