This year partners with Liquor Stop

Organisers of the annual Born & Raised Music Festival have launched a new partnership for this year's edition.

The seventh edition of the festival will this year be powered by Liquor Stop. This is one of the favourite festivals in the country. The show usually caters for a minimum of 10 000 people, but last year saw over 30 000 people flooding the show.

Director at Born & Raised, Goaba Mojakgomo told Vibe that they have observed that the support that they have for the event is overwhelming and they have a plan for this year to avoid any chaos at the event.

“We were expecting to host 10 000 people at the event and our tickets were sold out. This is how we found ourselves in a situation where people became part of the event without paying. And because for security reasons, we do not sell tickets at the gate. So we have maximised our security this year and look forward to having a free and relaxed experience for our fans,” said Mojakgomo.

They have gladly unveiled Liquor Stop as their sponsor for this year’s edition, and shared that tickets were to start selling this week together with their merchandise. The tickets are purchased at Liquor Stop and Trans.

The lineup for the event include; Murumba Pitch, ATI, Ezra Neethings, Han C and two more international acts who will be revealed this week and more local acts. Mojakgomo reiterated that they want to bring a classy event that will satisfy all and that the security is really heightened.