Horse lovers in the Eastern part of Botswana are in for a treat as the annual Batswapong Meet is back in Majwaneng, the event began this morning and will end in the new year. It strives to bring variety to the festive season entertainment scene through different activities such as horse racing, and a musical festival tailor made for different age groups of people.

The organizer of Batswapong Meet, Ogomoditse Motlhagodi explained that when he was growing up he developed an innate love for horses and horse racing.

This passion for stallions made him want to bring horse related events into the Eastern part of the nation.

Motlhagodi said that horse racing brings a different type of entertainment other than football which is the most common form of entertainment in rural Botswana during the festive season.

He says that Batswapong Meet is not only about horse racing, but it includes other sporting codes that are not as popular as football in Botswana such as beach volleyball.

Furthermore the event will also host a variety of artists across different genres. There will be traditional choirs, folklore guitarists and modern musical artists who will entertain the people who grace the event.

Motlhagodi explains that Batswapong Meet is an adventures event. Citing that it is sport oriented and it caters for the whole family.

Furthermore he says that there will also be traditional choirs that will entertain the masses.

Motlhagodi says that the musical festival, sporting codes, choirs all combine to make an entertainment setup which caters for the whole family.