Tsitsikamma National Park, located in the Garden Route of South Africa, offers a diverse array of natural features, including stunning coastal scenery, reefs, rivers, lush forests, and delicate Fynbos vegetation.

It is a paradise for hiking and water sports enthusiasts alike. It represents the northernmost section of the magnificent Garden Route National Park.

When visiting Tsitsikamma National Park in the Garden Route, South Africa, visitors will witness the relentless crashing of the Indian Ocean's powerful waves against the rocky shores, surrounded by temperate forests and Fynbos vegetation that gracefully descends to the sea, forming an untouched green carpet.

The park is also adorned with ancient rivers that carve their way to the ocean, as the shoreline teems with fascinating marine life.

The boundaries of Tsitsikamma National Park extend approximately 5 kilometers (3 miles) into the sea, ensuring the protection of a remarkable ecosystem consisting of intertidal life, vibrant reefs, and deep-sea fish.

Playful dolphins can be observed surfing in the waves, while the Southern Right Whale pays a seasonal visit to these waters, venturing close to shore for breeding purposes. Within the park, there are two rest camps available for visitors: one situated at Storms River mouth and the other at Natures Valley.

The region offers an abundance of hiking trails and nature walks, catering to various lengths and levels of difficulty. Among them, the renowned, Otter Trail stands out as one of the world's finest hiking routes. For those seeking a more comfortable experience, the Dolphin Trail provides a 'slack packing' option, which includes portage services and all-inclusive amenities.

The region is also famous for The Bloukrans Bringe, which is also of the highest bungee bridge in the world. The construction of the Bloukrans Bridge began in February 1980 and was completed in June 1983.

This bridge, along with its smaller counterparts, the Groot and Bobbejaans River Bridges, significantly reduced travel time between Plettenberg Bay and Port Elizabeth by eliminating the need to navigate the three winding pass roads through the gorges. Murray and Roberts as well as Concor were the construction companies responsible for building the bridge which stands at a height of 216m, above the Bloukrans River. Its central span measures 272m, and the total length of the bridge is 451m. The gorge itself serves as the boundary between the Western and Eastern Cape.

Presently, the Bloukrans Bridge is famous for hosting Bloukrans Bungy, operated by Face Adrenalin since 1997. Besides offering bungee jumping, visitors also have the opportunity to walk out onto the bridge arch and enjoy a unique view of the bridge and the gorge below.

Storms River Suspension Bridge in the Sunshine Coast Situated in the Tsitsikamma National Park, the suspension bridge gracefully extends over the reddish-brown currents of the Storms River Mouth, spanning a remarkable distance of 77 meters.

Renowned as one of the top tourist destinations in the Eastern Cape's Tsitsikamma region, this bridge, originally constructed in 1969, has been meticulously reconstructed by San-Parks to guarantee its enduring stability and ensure visitor safety. Suspended merely seven meters above the turbulent river, the bridge offers a captivating vantage point where the rushing waters merge with the frothy waves of the Indian Ocean.

One can say Tsitsikamma is home for lovers of extremes. Within Tsitsikamma, native rainforest offers such an adrenaline activity with numerous platforms constructed, encircling immense Outeniqua Yellowwood trees that boast an impressive age of up to 700 years!

Immersing yourself in the midst of these towering giants and gazing downward at the vibrant forest floor, a mere thirty meters beneath, offers an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. The scenery and avian diversity are truly breathtaking, and knowledgeable guides prioritize your safety while enlightening you about fascinating aspects of the forest's ecology.

If you're lucky, you may catch sight of a pair of Knysna Loeries or the striking red feathers of the elusive Narina Trogon. Regardless of the outcome, you will be compelled to return!

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