Robinson Morris of Jah Works in Sip & Paint art exhibition in Maun this weekend

The Maun based visual artist, Robinson Morris in collaboration with Halethaba Art Space will present an esteemed Sip & Paint Art Exhibition this weekend in Maun.

Morris, better known as Rob Mor of Jah works, tells BG Style that they have been working on creating more art pieces for their exhibition, and is certain that art lovers would have a story to tell about their work. In his world of art: colour, texture and shape bring together what people see as art.

He reiterates that art is also another form of therapy as some people prefer to relax by looking at art works or even drawing or painting. "I have been an artist from a younger age and my journey has been self driven because I just like creating new looks, and being an artist gives me peace of mind," Morris says, explaining that he has always put a smile on people's faces through his work. When he met Prince Moyo of Halethaba Artspace, the duo simply agreed on growing the art industry further. They started working hand in hand by holding promotional workshops with different independent organizations as far as Orapa. Morris adds that they also work with kids, to empower them and expose them to the world of art. He emphasizes that this on its own has given them courage to think of an exhibition of style, and sell local art internationally.

The exhibition will thus be held at The Duck restaurant near Maun International Airport. He is content that their theme of the event: 'Tourism and Culture' will have much impact in telling a story about lives in the Okavango area and tourism promotion in Botswana. The sip and paint activity coordinated by Moyo, is meant to give the event relaxation moment for clients to do their own canvas painting while enjoying their drinks, too. Artists will also have an opportunity to interact and learn from each other. "After the event, art pieces from the exhibition will be up on the gallery for the whole month for visitors and buyers," says Morris.

He tells BG Style that their target audience is the tourists landing on the spot and local business owners in the tourism industry as well as individuals who love and appericiate art. "My dream is to see my art included in the iteneraries of Tourism companies during local or cultural Tours with their clients," he says. He believes that the art industry is doing very well and for as long as the local artists are committed to doing what they do with love and dedication, then they will easily connect with international artists."We are very capable of selling our work to as far as the USA because I have had these international guests from abroad envying my work and local art work in general," he says encouraging fellow artists to target platforms beyond the local market.