The Bartender, a recently opened boutique store is the right spot for anyone who is looking for something different when it comes to their preferred choice of beverages. Depending on whether one is a light drinker or they prefer something strong, there is just about everything for anyone on the shelves.

Located at the Molapo Crossing Mall (shop 25), walking through the boutique store is such a pleasurable experience. A happy place for everyone including this reporter, the warm atmosphere of the store is too tempting, and will make you wish to stay a little longer, and do a bit of window shopping or if the pocket permits, splurge a bit on one or two bottles.

Incredibly, The Bartender is offering a niche market when it comes to alcohol. Selling premium gins and wines that are not sold anywhere in the country, the owners have conceptualised something of a dream when it comes to concepts. They also offer distribution of some of an array of their exclusive brands and tonics, as well as offer a bespoke experience at corporate event and celebrations such as weddings.

The dream is to offer an unmatched customer experience. And they have nailed that dream. Recently, the company was one of the partners for the just ended Uplifting Brunch with Amanda Dambuza, an event organised by City and Safari where they showcased one of the products that they are bringing in the market. The product is none other than the Carmien Roobois Gin. On the day, guests at the end had a chance to sample, sip and enjoy a refreshing drink.

The Carmien Rooibos Gin has two flavours: the Citrus Chai Gin, and the Carmien Floral Berry Gin. For this event, they were offered the Citrus Chai Gin flavour. Even for those who are not regarded as drinkers as yours truly, the Gin was refreshing on the palette and is something that can easily be enjoyed. And most importantly, it is tea, meaning that you can sip the infusion of the gin and the tea at a go.

According to the Store Manager, Thabatshe Mogorosi, they have various types of alcohol and craft gins. He also says that they distribute to other companies such as Liquorama. On top of this, they also offer the services of a mobile bar for corporate events, weddings, and other celebrations.

This services comes with a bar man who just ups the antenna when it comes to the whole experience. And most importantly, they are the only distributors of Carmien Rooibos Tea. Currently, Dischem is one of their clients. Carmien Rooibos is an alternative to the familiar Rooibos.

Flavours range from Flavoured Teas such as Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Green Earl Grey, Creamy Vanilla, Red Mocha, Early Grey, Floral Berry, Citrus Chai, Creamy Mint, Orange Camomile, Turkish Delight, Tropical Burst, Apple Mint, Apricot Blossom, as well as the Cranberry Hibiscus.

They also have the Restore Tea range with flavours such as the Lemongrass, ginger and Moringa. This reporter has had the pleasure of enjoying the Cookies and Cream Tea, a very delightful tea that is packed with the infusion of cookies and cream. One cup is not enough, and can be enjoyed either with milk or without.

Another tea that is delightful happens to be the Lemongrass, ginger and moringa tea which she enjoys first thing in the morning to restore her body and give it the push for the day, and also during the evening. It ticks all the right notes, and can be enjoyed with or without honey.

Other ranges that they have include slimming and nursing teas. "The nursing teas are ideal for mothers who might be struggling with lactation. They also have flavoured teas for children," he said. He further said that the Tea Infused Gin is a hit with local buyers.

He noted that they are offering something unique in the market, and that they offer a lifestyle to their clients. "It is more than just offering and selling alcohol, but we also want to give clients a lifestyle," he said noting that they top this off with the aesthetics and ambience.

Furthermore, he said that they have craft gins which are produced in low qualities to give a special flavour/taste to the gins. He also highlights that they have a special relationship with their suppliers. One of the products that they have in store is the Okavango Craft Gin, as well as the recently released Maungo syrup. Meanwhile, they offer a free delivery service for their clients, when they order anything from catalogue.

Painting a picture about some of the products that they have in their catalogue, he says that they have Nihilo Afrikan Dry Gin. Interestingly, the owners behind Nihiko are very passionate about their employees, and have named 6 Herds after one if their trusted farmers.

"The market has been very receptive to us. We have been engaging and offering them tasting sessions at the various events where we showcased our products such as the Leteisi on Fleek where we are offering a free bottle of a Sugarbird Gin with the purchase of a VIP ticket," he said. One of their popular Gin in store happens to be the Clemengold Gin.