Tish Pul, a sports apparel retailing brand for runners is a brain child of Matshidiso Pule, a former athlete.

Tish Pul, a lifestyle brand, is levelling up the game when it comes to all things athletics. The company has literally amped the antenna when it comes to the whole experience of buying running shoes and accessories, and they mean serious business when it comes to their products. The company is more than just a brand that supplies/sells specialty shoes for both men and women, and intends on taking fitness and wellness to new heights.

The founder of the company, Matshediso Pule, an avid runner herself is passionate about seeing to it that fellow runners have the right gear that might possibly take them from zero and get them to reach their goals. Pule knows very well what it means for a runner to have the right gear, and she has capitalized on her own experiences, and those of fellow runners to curate a store that offers runners an all in one shopping experience straight from the comfort of their homes or offices, and most importantly at the touch of a button.

The e-commerce store has an array of shoe range brands that such as Saucony, Asics, New balance, Hoka, Nike, Adidas. It also has a very exciting collection of socks that vary from short comprehension socks (unisex), Nike Everyday plus light weight (unisex), and Knee high compression socks. Experts advice that knee high compression socks are very handy for runners, as they keep one’s legs from getting tired and achy.

Other benefits of using them include easing swelling on feet and ankles. Other products in their extensive collection include shoe laces, apparel which ranges from windbreaker, running tights to mention a few. The company also offers Corporate wellness and wellbeing program that is targeted at corporates with a strong running culture such as FNB, Orange Botswana and BIHL, and also offers group interactive sessions, personal development and fitness and mental guidance.

They will soon also offer kiddies merchandise and footwear. One of their innovative services that they offer their clients is a foot assessment service that gives them an idea of what a client really needs. The company was established in 2020, when the world was in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The strict travel restrictions that ensued from the Covid-19 pandemic meant that many runners like her who relied on travelling and participating in marathons outside the country could not do that.

Having previously attended a number of big marathons where she would have the opportunity to attend Expos that happen during that time, she was exposed to the market of running and the industry key players for anything that has to do with running. “I researched, and discovered that there was a niche in the space of running community,” she explains in an interview. She explains that with Tish Pul, she wanted to create a unique shopping experience that resonates with her customers regardless of whether one is a beginner or experienced runner or they are gearing up to reach their personal best on marathon or fitness.

“We supply brands that include Adidas, New Balance from authorized dealers. Mind you these are top select brands that have select special shoes, and supports someone with training needs giving them the right support,” she says adding that they offer competitive prices. Meanwhile, she opines that in recent years, the local running community has grown.

Even more beautiful is the fact that most have knowledge which is a big improvement from the time when she first started back in the day. Pule started running in school, and then stopped, but found her way back to the road in 2014. “It was then that I started appreciating endurance training, the right shoes and diet,“ she notes.

She also says that today, runners have a lot of information that ranges from training plans and gears to mention a few. The major roads, she says are always filled with runners who have set different goals. “We have different brands that cater for the market and it gives them options in terms for product offerings,” says Pule.

She further states that one of the things that she has observed is that some runners do not realize the importance of getting a sole that fits their soul, and foot make-up. This is something that Pule knows very well, and she wants other runners to experience the joy of running and training with the best shoe and accessories. In other news, the fact that the Gaborone International Meet has been recently bestowed with a Gold status is a great development.