Dimpho Molefi recently published a new book titled 'Trust the Process,' last month, which is a motivational book based her life and It teaches people how to remain calm and content in the middle of tough times and allow God to work it out at the right time.

Molefi told Vibe that the book has 11 chapters. The first two chapters are titled 'Where it all began' and 'Trust the process.' In these chapters she mainly take the reader through her life story and experiences, basically her background, in order for them to understand the advice, motivation and guidance she give as the book continues.

According to Molefi, the message of the book is that through difficulties and traumatic experienced, readers must trust that God will work all things for our good. “ I share my story of pain to motivate the reader that if I was able to overcome, then they can too. I also share some of the skills that have helped me in my journey," she said.

Molefi added that the book also sheds a light in the importance of taking care of one’s mental health, also sharing the skills she has used and seen working for her. She further noted that the book is P150 and will be available at the book launch which will be on the 3rd September 2022. To attend the launch call 77022821/ 72862694.