• Launching pad for a re-imagined domestic film industry

Greed is God - the first-ever full-length feature movie filmed on location in and around Botswana and produced exclusively for the international market is finally out! And to support this milestone, a private viewing has been arranged and will be held at the New Capitol Cinema – Riverwalk on the 27th of July 2022 at 7: 30 pm.

Executive producers Eddie Bannerman and Mid Mariore are hoping that this film project, which employed 120 people during the pre-production and production phases, can stimulate private sector investment and contribute towards the drive to export Botswana content and invariably support youth empowerment in the film industry.

Speaking to this publication Monday morning at the Bannerloft Guesthouse in Maru-a-Pula, Gaborone – both men emphasised that this locally-produced low-budget independent “full-length thriller” film, which is probably the first of its kind in Botswana – will, all things equal, be used as a launching pad for a re-imagined domestic film industry that can produce movies for the international market.

“We believe this pioneering film production will transform the Botswana film industry, thus creating sustainable employment opportunities that our youth desperately need in various creative fields”, Eddie remarked.

Mid added that the private viewing event is intended to expose stakeholders to the quality product that has been made. Also, in keeping with the tradition of consistency, they want to raise money to complete the post-production process and initiate the next film project.

Both Eddie and Mid are passionate when they speak about the need for private investment in the local film industry. Mid even has plans to create a mentorship programme as well as a Film Fund to grow and support the local film industry.

“We have taken a leap of faith in getting the project this far because we believe the outcome will give our youth a break they deserve.

Botswana needs to find a solution to youth unemployment, and we believe we have an answer”, Mid said. The film is complete with a trailer and adapted the specifications required for popular streaming services such as Netflix and Showmax.

Eddie says the plan is to use this film as a business model for future productions, thus providing new opportunities for the Botswana Film Industry, employment for creatives, attracting investors, and promoting Botswana's unique local qualities, culture, and attractions.

The pre-production phase of the film included six months of screen acting training as well as one-on-one coaching by acclaimed Hollywood Actress, Nayo Wallace, whom Botswana Guardian had the privilege to interview.

Approximately 120 people were employed during the pre-production and production phases, including direct and indirect production positions.

And unlike the two major productions that came to Botswana previously - The Number 1 Lady Detective and A United Kingdom) – both of which used experts from Europe and America that they brought with them, Greed is God sourced and trained entirely local talent pool.

The Crew was also identified and trained to professional standard experienced and above-the-line personnel for appropriate skills transfer.

According to Eddie, they used the Red Scarlet Dragon – K camera package (top-of-the- range camera is part of the Netflix and Showmax specifications) and the only one of its kind in Botswana.

The film’s theme revolves around the concept of justice. Ordinarily, the protagonist, Tau, would turn the other cheek, but not this time. Greed is a rollercoaster thriller on the premise of bringing natural justice to those who exist outside the justice system.